Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cabin Fever

I have officially been stuck in my house for 30 hours. It is snowing outside and has been for the last two to three days. Because Portland never sees this much snow, they are not equipped to deal with it, leaving me stranded.

My boyfriend is stuck in Chicago because of the bad weather and will be there, possibly through Christmas. Without friends who are within walking distance, I am left to my own devices. Usually this isn't a bad thing. Actually, I have done a lot of cleaning and paperwork over the last couple days that I haven't done in MONTHS. Now that the cleaning and paperwork chores are winding down, I am left with NOTHING to do. I have watched so many movies my ass hurts from sitting on the couch. I have shoveled out the driveway, but with the roads being so bad, it was barely worth the effort.

Some ideas are starting to brew for a new knitting project, which is a good thing. In my paperwork, I found the Willamette Weekly's Give Guide 2008 that gives a list of non-profits that are in need of donations. This gives the readership a chance for a tax deduction, some exposure to the local non-profits, and other incentives. It's a win-win all around! Anyway, I picked three organizations to donate money to and a forth to donate a knitted item to. The Northwest Academy is looking for donations of goods or services for their Club Cabaret auction that is held February 28, 2009. I thought I could donate a shawl or blanket or something that they could auction alone or put with other items to create a package. Maybe I will just offer my knitting services and someone can commission me to make something of their choosing.

Gosh, I hope tomorrow is more interesting than today.

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JohnK said...

An opportunity to get a ton of knitting completed